Storytelling Sensing/Consenting

With: Agustin Ramos Anzorena, Diego Valverde, Isabel Paehr & Ren Loren Britton

About the Workshop:
Talk about a time when you consented to something and that experience of expressing consent made you really glad to have done it.

This DIWO (Do it With Others) workshop will explore consent and sensing the city with inputs from three sources:

  • sensors from the company Sensolus,
  • humans who have a relationship to the cities we are in
  • and those humans concrete experiences of consent/sensory memory.

This workshop is a result from an ongoing research around sensing technologies and practices of consent, and is still a work-in-progress rather than a finished result. Workshop participants will be invited to care for questions of consent through telling stories around consent when it has served them. Working from consent when it has served us will enable us to consider what our requirements for asking and saying yes or no might be. Questions of scale will be discussed. Our stories will speak nearby an installation that operates with technical modes of recording and will inform a model of consent that we are building that does not automatically fail. Guiding principles for this consent model that we will create include: working with group process, developing explicit rules and principles, practicing non-assumption, making models that work for humans and identifying the place our model of consent comes from.

Though the workshop will conclude at 19:30 on the 10th of December it provides the groundwork for a poetic-sensor-walking-installation that can continue to be activated for some weeks beyond the workshop date. For more information about picking up a sensor, going on a walk & receiving a poem please come to the workshop and/or write Peter.

Accessibility Information:

  • Workshop is spoken in English.
  • Collectively written captions can be available in English, French, and/ or Dutch.
  • You can already start the room if you want test and familiarise yourself with the platform BigBlueButton

Please write peter(AT) for any and all further access requests: we want to make access possible !

In the framework of the project Spectral Desire Paths in collaboration with Urban Species and Sensolus.

Op een versleten achtergrond is tekst gedrukt die de workshop aankondigt:


30 min break at 17:30

Register: send email to peter(AT)