Unfolding Down Dwars Delà

An installation of projects and performances

Opening: 16/12 18:00 - 22:00

Places are limited, please reserve a slot here: https://minifi.ca/unfolding
Masks are madatory.

Down Dwars Delà is a trio of words from English, Dutch and French. These aren’t translations but instead position(ing) that we see as talking back to the places and postures we took, experimented with and visited during these two sessions. We look at these words as forming a vector between the beyond, the out-of-reach and the experienceable world.

Down Dwars Delà was the name of two connected sessions that took place one after the other during the summer of 2021, in two different places. One was hosted at the Eben-Ezer tower in Bassenge, Belgium, the other at the Bidston Observatory just outside Liverpool, UK . Both settings were approached as instruments to reconsider the modes of connection, observation and story-making they foster in relation with their wider historical, geographical, social, ecological, political and economical contexts.

Through this series of projects we present some ways to unfold what happened during these collective working moments.

@ See U

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Avenue de la Couronne | Kroonlaan 227, 1050 Brussels