One design - X versions of Peggy

On the 5th of October the design collective LibreObjet publishes plans for a new piece of display furniture called Peggy for Fablab/Maker-Hacker-spaces. Take up the fabbing gauntlet and make your own version!

What is done in a fablab often stays invisible for fellow users, the infrastructure is used but the results go elsewhere. We want to show the potential of what is possible with digital fabrication in the lab itself, and this is what the display unit is made for.

Every lab is different with regards to its infrastructure, machines, resources and availability of materials. A display made in a fablab in Dakar will not be the same as one made in Brussels. This diversity is exciting and by entering the challenge you can help highlight the richness of the fabber-maker-hacker universe and celebrate the manifold possibilities of open source object design.

The files and derivatives are published under a CERN Open Hardware license and free to use, distribute and change under the same license.

Make your own version!

Download the file(s) here:
Instructions are here.
Upload your images, changed design files and documentation to your favorite on-line platform and send a link to by December 5, 2016.
The most exciting variations will be displayed in the window of Constant, Brussels, from 8th of December until the 22nd of January.

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