Un\Ruly Bodies: The MakeHuman Bugreport

At the yearly Sophia colloquiem, Unruly Bodies. Gender \ Normen \ Verzet, Adva Zakai, Xavier Gorgol and Femke Snelting will present The MakeHuman Bugreport.

MakeHuman is a popular open source 3D computer graphics middle-ware for the modelling of 3-Dimensional humanoid characters. Our interest inMakeHuman was triggered during GenderBlending, an event organised by Constant. Participants from various background experimented at the contact zones of gender and technology. A signature feature of the interface is a set of horizontal sliders, suggesting that by interpolating settings for gender, race, weight and age, any ’human’ representation can be ’made’.

Aiming to address concerns and insights regarding the way the body and the human being are being co-constructed through technology, we started to formulate a bugreport. Coming from different backgrounds (Femke from media-design, Xavier from animation-art and Adva from dance and choreography), our respective inquiries about the relationship between body and technology meet at times through our practices and perspectives.

For The MakeHuman bugreport at Un\Ruly Bodies we will combine these questions in a performative lecture, to not only convey words, but actions and images as well.

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