Techno-disobedience commission: Cypher Sex - A Manual for Collective Digital Self-Defense Guides

In the framework of this year theme, Techno-disobedience, Constant is pleased to support the collective Cypher Sex in their work on a Manual for Collective Digital Self-Defense Guides. This support is brought within the framework of the commission call launched at the beginning of the year 2023.

"Cypher Sex is a queer feminist collective aimed at empowering LGBTQ* people, women, and sex workers in their use of online services and digital tools through workshops, guides, and personalized consultancies."

Cypher Sex "wrote the first guide which aims to not only provide specific resources and references but empower the reader to make informed decisions about what to look for on platforms that are constantly changing. Cypher Sex received many requests for translating these guides into other languages for other contexts. However, as each country/city and the sex workers (and kinky queers) who live there have their own (digital) self-defense strategies, a simple translation is not appropriate (or very helpful) for writing a new guide. Therefore, their proposal for Constant’s Techno-disobedience commission to write a new "how to" manual that will lay out strategies on how to write locally-oriented digital self-defense guides."

More info’s about the project in the article for GenderIT that was published back at the end of June.

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