Techno-Disobedience: an afternoon of exchange

Join us during a collective jamming jammers* session! It will be the opportunity to discuss, discover, enjoy exchanges with the group of participants at the worksession Techno-Disobedience, which took place during the previous week. In the garden of our studio, we’ll be informally sharing stories, findings, experiments and delicious food. Welcome !

Techno-Disobedience looked at techniques of disobedience as a means to question and resist the paradigm of an all-controlling and regulating technology. If civil disobedience illustrates how one can and should disobey a law they consider unjust, technological disobedience is posed here as a question: what obligations do we feel are put forward by Big Tech and what it could mean to disagree, refuse, disobey them?

* A jamming device, existing or imaginary, is normally used to interfere with and disrupt communication systems such as mobile phones or GPS tracking, but we think of it as an analogy or metaphor for other type of disturbances, so a jammer can also be a hand-tool, a body-movement, a text, a language, a building, a cloth, a verb, etc.

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