Techno-Cul-de-Sac @ Radio-Panik

What do electromagnetic waves, urban infrastructures and legal zones sound like?

The Techno-Cul-de-Sac worksession took place in the end of November 2022 and investigated the city as a woven fabric of territories of inclusion and exclusion, of availabilities and scarcities, of obligations and potentials. It started from observing the relations between forms of zoning and the technology they involve in the context of the city of Brussels.

After a week-long collective research full of experiments, encounters and artistic interferences, the participants realised and improvised a radio emission to be transmitted on p-node...

In case you missed it, the recording will be on air again on Radio Panik!
Listen to it at 105.4Mhz FM on the 20th of March, or later on as a podcast here.

With: Marie, Serena, Ronja, Louis, Flupke, Ninon, Anne, Giulietta, Juli, Weronika, Maru, Femke, Caroline, Laure, Stelios, Alice, Sumugan, Anton, Dennis, Martino, Peter, Elodie, Donatella, Mia, Wendy, Rafaella.
And many thanks to: Susie, Arthur, ooooo

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