Surveillance diverse camera maps

In 2010 + 2011 Denis Devos and Peter Westenberg made with Constant and La Ligue des Droits de l’homme several works around camera-surveillance.

We organised walks across the city + the law, to match the legal framework and the reality of the city. We captured videos from wireless surveillance camera’s + with this lawyer Frank Dumortier (Crids Namur) made a work to analyse the individual images to se what legal framework applies.
This was useful for the league to address privacy problems with the ’surveillance camera law’.

Altogether we made an artwork / instruction video (’Stare’) in which the images are combined with his voice over.
Here’s some info and also the links to the video:

Also some more playful walks were organised, where we spied on the spycams, and made excercises to hide from the surveilling camera’s.

We do also cartography workshops, where we note camera positions in the city and check if they are announced on the list of the privacy commission.
Usually we have some activists / specialists / jurist present who is knowledgeable abou t the subject and makes the walk into a discursive collective exercise.

Here’s one where we walked with 20 people from the center to constant +

This one is started, but never finished because some hackers want to join the maps that are now being made in France.
This workshop also included reviewing the safety of the ’mobib’ cart of the STIB. We showed in the metro that the cards can easily be read by anyone who buys a simple card scanner.

Here’s some images of the one we made with Erg students. (An Mertens and Peter Westenberg)

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