Superfloukse is a dystopian non-non-fiction written and produced by Leslie, Corentin and Martino, loosely based on the text "Pistage dans le cyberespace", published in issue 53 of the journal Culture & Démocratie.

It stands in continuity with the research on wireless tracking and commercial surveillance developed at Constant by Kurt Tichy and Alex Zakkas, partly documented in the Footfall Almanac 2019.

What would an electric scooter, a "smart" garbage bin and a shopping center wireless hotspot be saying to each other, if we could understand their language?

How are these communications interpreted by the algorithms and the humans that listen in on them?

What if all networks, public as well as private ones, would increase their interconnections until merging into one single megastructure, of truly monstrous dimension?

With the voices of Arthur, Caroline, Corentin, Émilie, Irene, Guillaume, Milady, Sarah et Sean.

Editing, mixing and sound design: Madame Patate

A complicit collaboration between Constant, Culture & Démocratie, Radio Panik and Technopolice BXL.

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