Some Birds Are More Like Fish

Some Birds Are More Like Fish is an evening of screenings, presentations and discussion around bodies beyond categories. From "speculative biologies" to parameters of detection, we’ll think together about representions of the human body and its crossroads with other species.

The evening also includes a guided tour of the Public Archive, a collection of games, video works, objects and documents compiled as reference material for the GenderBlending worksession.

With contributions by Maria Ptkq (Spain), Pink Screens (Belgium) and other participants in the GenderBlending worksession.


  • Alain Della Negra, Kaori Kinoshita: The Cat, The Reverend and the Slave (80min, 2009)
  • Adam Butcher: Bradley Manning has a secret (5.30min, 2012)
  • Zach Blas: Fag Face (8min, 2011)

@ Beursschouwburg

Rue Antoine Dansaertstraat 20-28, 1000 Brussels