Routes + Routines @ PLACE@SPACE

Constant member Peter Westenberg created an installation in the art center Z33 and he’s organizing four walks through the center of Hasselt in the framework of the exhibition PLACE@SPACE.

The walkers will wear footwear equipped with low tech electronics, microphones, camera’s. The collected sounds and images are streamed to the exhibition space through open wifi’s. The walks test the borders between private and public, and ask serious questions in a loose and enjoyable way. Can you roam freely on the internet? May I borrow some of your bandwidth?

Opening Exhibition Place@Space: 15 March 2008, 19:30

Dates and times of walks

13 March 16:00

15 March 20:30

12 April 16:00

13 April 16:00

Meeting point: Z33, wing 58

@ Hasselt, Z33