Project: Algolit

Radio Algolit @ Désert Numérique #5

Radio Algolit is a performance presented by Nicolas Bourbaki. On the menu: creations with code and literature written, read and pronounced by humans and scripts working in intimate collaboration with other digital tools and platforms. The performance will be recorded and rebroadcasted though an international network of free radios.

This first broadcast session is realized in the framework of the festival Désert Numérique #5 by the members of Algolit, a group that gathers and works around eliterature and free software, following the principles of the Oulipo-meetings. They share work and thoughts and write/code together algorithmic based texts.

Désert Numérique #5 focuses on notation : this latency between the idea and its formalization. Through all its forms, from the recipies into score, algorithm, program and code, script, rules, logical diagramms, map and route, modus operandi,... all forms of writing that fix, delimitates, memorizes, delays, diffracts, cut, split, and built this very Western relationship to the world and technology.

@ Désert Numérique

5 Place du Cledan, FR-26340 Saint-Nazaire-le-Désert, France