Radical and feminist cartography: meet Nepthys Zwer

On September the 11th we will be welcoming Nepthys Zwer, a radical feminist historian and cartographer. We’ll be looking at what a map is and discussing the issues surrounding cartography, its power and its social and political uses. In what way can a map serve power as well as struggles and the defence of the rights of the oppressed? We will also discuss the limits of contributory cartography, known as neogeography, which emerged in the 2000s, such as OpenStreetMap. Numerous historical and current examples will be discussed.

The aim is to reflect together on what cartography is doing to our imaginations, our mobility and our struggles.

Nepthys Zwer is the author of Cartographie radicale, Explorations with Philippe Rekacewicz and has coordinated the work Ceci n’est pas un atlas, published by Editions du commun under a Creative Commons license.

This talk will be mainly in french.

Every 2nd Monday of the month, the critical thinking talks on the digital world at DK aim to tackle digital-related topics (e.g. algorithms, surveillance capitalism, ecological impacts, etc.) and explore alternative ways of doing things (discovering free and ethical tools, unboxing smartphones, protecting communications, etc.).

These talks are organised by our partner Tactic.

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