Promiscuous Pipelines publishing experiment

In computation, a ’pipe’ is a method that enables various software modules to connect to each other, where the output of one program is treated as the input for the next program. At the Promiscuous Pipelines worksession that Constant organised with FoAM last summer we used the principle of ’pipes’ to inspire uncommon junctions and perhaps achieve the opposite of a productivity-oriented systems.

The publication of reflections, experiments and other outcomes of this session will of course be done in the same spirit. This publication will be a hybrid between a formatted, laid-out publication and a folder of ’stuff’, an untidy experiment linking up bespoke software, live notes, raw materials and collaborative editing.

You are welcome to join us on-line or in WTC25.

With special guests: Christoph Haag, Michael Murtaugh, Zeljko Blace and others.

@ WTC25 + on-line

WTC Tower 1, Boulevard Albert II / Koning Albert II-laan 30, Brussels (25th floor) +