Possible Bodies: Phenomenal 3D

What norms are shaped through 3D technologies? Who invented those three "dimensions" in the first place and why to stick with them as "true"? Can tools produce realities and presences and if so: what possible bodies do they activate?

With Phenomenal 3D. Possible Bodies turns to the modern regime of truth that still tangibly affects daily lives and how they are lived. It is an occasion to collectively wonder how to responsibly grasp the apparatus of 3D and to explore tactics for un-naming and re-naming so-called bodies in order to decolonize and de-binarize them. Together we will manipulate the components of 3-dimensional renderings, verbalize volumetric behavior and change the rules of presence and agency.

From 22-25 November, a transdisciplinary group of researchers will gather in Bau College of design (Barcelona) for conversations, workshops, presentations and a reading session. With interlocutions by: Sergi García, Jorge Luis Marzo, Simone C. Niquille, Paula Pin, Jara Rocha, Femke Snelting, Kym Ward, Objetologías research line, the Project area at Bau and many others.

For more details on the programme, see: http://possiblebodies.constantvzw.org/inventory/?Barcelona

Image: ROOT 0082, Technoflesh/Simone Niquille 2017

@ Bau College of design, Barcelona