Possible Bodies

Possible bodies is the workingtitle for a collaborative work on ways 3D-software conditions imaginations of gender. Looking at the practice of 3D-modelling, scanning and printing, we are concerned with the specific entanglements of technology, representation and normativity that appear through renderings of the virtual.

Following from GenderBlending, a worksession that Constant organised in 2014, Possible Bodies has been developing through texts, experiments and performances. Possible Bodies is also a growing discursive archive that contains videoworks, documentation, manuals, guided tours, software-demos, objects, games, etc. The archive provides a context for interrogating corpo-realities oriented through parametric interfaces and anatomies that are computationally constrained by the requirements of mesh-modelling. Above all it is an invitation to develop wild combinations and un-suspected prototypes for different digital bodies.

As a contribution to the symposium Hacking Habitat, Femke presents a concrete software case in conversation with this archive. By staging software through a performative spectrum, its potentialities open up: it turns into a thinking machine, hinting at the possibility of a politics, aesthetics and ethics that is truly generative.

@ Hacking Habitat: Art of Control Exhibition

Wolvenplein 36 3572 CD Utrecht The Netherlands