Platformization + Allagmatics

Constant member Martino Morandi gave a guest session Platformization + Allagmatics in the context of the research project Ethics and Aesthetics of an Open Server organised by Peter Westenberg, hosted and supported by KASK school of Arts in Gent.

The Ethics and Aesthetics research investigated how ’open’ can a server be ? "Servers are the connection points in digital network traffic. That’s where our data paths cross and files are stored. Servers run databases, serve interfaces and execute scripts. But global digital infrastructure comes with asymmetrical power relations, large ecological impact, global violence and poverty issues that are sometimes difficult to reconcile with the visions, values and positionings we develop within our artistic practices. How can we reduce dependence on GAFAM tools and stop feeding the exploitative turbo­capitalism they represent?"

Online platforms have reached such a scale and complexity of operations that it is really difficult to understand what is really happening under the surface, when we interact with or participate in them.

The guest session proposed ways to study the complex processes of translation and transmutation of data and images that happen inside these blackboxes, how can we peak behind their user-friendly interfaces?

Documentation of the Open Server project is here:

The seminar sessions of Joana Moll, Martino Morandi and ooooo are described here:

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