Performance: Zoumana Méïté

How do ageing bodies keep each other and their technological partners company? What account do they give of their generational specificities? Can we develop ecosystems that transcend time and scale in solidarity? At the closing of the worksession Ageing companions / Geprogrammeerde veroudering / Les cyborgs vieillissants, Zoumana Méïté performs with electromagnetic devices to explore what old ideas of ’soul’ these so-called new technologies might carry. Using his observations from participating in the worksession, he will move with radio-waves, ink-drops and the memories of his own body.

I form the vision of a black ink drop falling in my eye, bringing a recollection of the possible. I see each and every hesitation, trembling, shaking like an oscillography of my flesh, magnetically charged. Those objectivised vibrations in front of us are spread and spattered spores, generating other hesitations, doubts, ... slides of an oriented gesture. I partially charge my flesh with a strong craving, something obsessing me. I gather liquid from my liver on blottingpaper. Drops of an (id)entity "¦

Zoumana Méïté is a performer and theatre-maker based in Brussels. He recently concluded the post-master programme in a.pass, advanced performance and scenography studies.

@ De Pianofabriek

Rue du Fortstraat 35, Brussels