Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ? Listening post

In the Dutch speaking library of Saint-Gilles you can listen to a selection of words that were recorded in the neighborhood in the framework of the project Parlez-Vous Saint-Gillois ?

With headphones you can listen to the stories of people who live in the neighborhood and the explanations of ’their’ words.

Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ? is a sound database with special words that are spoken in the neighborhood Bosnia, Saint-Gilles, Brussels.

On display, from the last week of September to November 2014: "Safi", "Bèèèèè", "Scouti", "Superclifragilisticexpialidoucious". These and the other words that are collected during the project can also be listened to

For opening hours, please check the website of the library.

@ Nederlandstalige Bibliotheek

Emile Feronstraat 173
1060 Saint-Gilles / St-Gillis

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