Open Call: Residency Spectral Desire Paths

Spectral Desire Paths is a collaboration between an arts organization (Constant), a technology company (Sensolus) and a research group (Urban Species). Constant connects collective artistic work with free software and intersectional feminist thinking. Sensolus makes geolocative tracking tools for globally based companies. Urban Species develops action research on participation and urbanity.

Wireless communication networks are ubiquitous and the density of equipment and radiation is increasing. This has consequences not only for the organization of our daily lives, but also for the environment of non-human fellow planet dwellers. Spectral Desire Paths explores other-connectivities and encourages re-imaginations of future techno-environments that take into account not only the quality of human life, but the impact on all involved. Alive or not. What uncharted paths can we tread on in the spectrum of bandwidths ? What orientations, frequencies, vibrations and in/outputs are desirable for everyone ? What perspectives can be opened up by using technology inappropriately, by bringing it into other contexts, by collaging it, bending it, organising it differently ?

Spectral Desire Paths is a two years trajectory. It starts with an art residency hosted by Sensolus. Inspired by the residency, the developed artistic work will give rise to a period of further research and experimentation with citizens in the urban realm. In a concluding phase, at the end of 2022, this path will be shared with other organizations and interested parties.

We are offering a residency for an artist, designer, collective, occasional formation or other artistic constellation who is / are willing to develop an artistic project in the first phase of SDP using the technology of Sensolus. Sensolus makes location and environmental sensing tracking devices that can be attached to large objects. Think for example of sea containers or tow bars or trolley or other objects that have no battery or energy source of their own. Via an online platform, the objects can be followed, mapped and managed. Features include the ’0G protocol’, a data integrity algorithm and a long battery life allowing objects to be tracked even when they are off grid for several months. On datalevel, features include localization and activity data and different types of analytics build upon these data.

You can find a description of the technology here: (

We are curious about critical practices that question common parameters of technological developments in the context of the anthropocene such as: efficiency, optimization, resource extraction, pollution, industrial normativity. From our engagements with free/libre open source hard+software, citizen participation, habitat and environment, we would also be happy to hear from practices that illuminate socially urgent issues. For example: migration, (un)equal treatment, e-waste, sustainable hardware, (s)low tech, other-urbanism and de-globalization.

Candidates should have a hands-on approach to technology and a willingness to get to know Sensolus technologies. The Sensolus team does offer support, but you need to be able to handle code, hardware, API’s, ...
Because the developed work, the sources and applied methods must be able to be shared with the rest of Spectral Desire Paths, we work as much as possible with F/LOSS tools and free licenses. Experience in that area will be helpful and appreciated.

At the end of the residency we ask that a physical trace of the work remains at Sensolus, for example in the form of an artwork.

If you have an artistic practice, or want to develop one relevant to this project, please apply with a motivation, and explain why you think you can work within this framework. We don’t ask for direct project proposals, but please don’t hold back if you have one as it helps to understand which way your project could go. We will choose three applicants, with whom we would like to speak further. These conversations are reimbursed and can take place on-line. Based on these three conversations, we will choose one resident.

Apply before 30 April 2021 (with a letter of interest, artistic cv, skills) by sending an email to:
Notifications: 7 may 2021
Conversations: 18 May 2021 afternoon.

Residency period:
last quarter of 2021
way of working to be discussed between applicant and Sensolus
final date of residency: 31-12-2021

Fee: 6000 euro
Working budget: 2000 euro
Sensolus supports with their technology and infrastructure. Constant provides content and production support.

Urban Species:

This project is supported by the Flemish Governement