Ongoing Constant

Constant decided a few things: To postpone as little activities as possible. To keep with our commitment to interdependent networks with an attitude. To resist the new normal of always-online. To not live these days as if this crisis is temporary.

Especially now, we are happy to prolong the Constant_V installation Footfall Almanac 2020 by Kurt Tichy and Alex Zakkas. Their critical analysis of movement tracking by public-private entities echoes the disturbing way in which mobile phone data gets deployed in attempts to manage contagion. In May, we will present EXDEX, a window-manual on the distributed editorial method developed by Jara Rocha and Manetta Berends for the publication of the Iterations project about artistic collaboration in digital contexts. More news in next months’ newsletter.

If you did not already cross it, we would like to share with you a list of ’non-extractive’ tools that our friends at Varia in Rotterdam put together:

In the mean time, stay solidary with your digital, convivial and other networks!

Until soon,