OSvideo meeting: Basic video-editing using commandline tools

A meeting for people interested in working with video and open source tools.

Some tasks are easier done by typing commands in a terminal then by using a graphic interface software. Selecting cuts, sound replacements, working with stills ... Especially handy when there is serial repetitive work to be done.

Softwares such as FFMPEG, Mplayer / Mencoder demand that you a know a bit of syntax and have some basic knowledge of options before they become easy to use.

* Based on the needs of participants projects, we’ll work with some common commands.

* We’ll start a repo with commands, links to manuals for future consultation.

* If you have a laptop, bring it with you

* Take some visual work you have done (max 10 minutes)

Please register with: peter—AT---constantvzw.org

@ Constant

Rue du Fort straat, 5 1060 St-Gilles / St-Gillis