An Mertens and Sarah Garcin will take part in .ORG, a 5 days / 5 nights residency of a collective work time that has been proposed to 50 persons, with discussions, creations, writing, hybridations, making , destroying"¦ 1 open space of potentialities, 1 space-time, 1 isolated mountain place.
50 people gathered for their commitment in creation and/or events organization, 50 ways of being and making, 50 universes interacting with each other. Definitely. This is the end of beans (French expression for "the end of the everything"): beans not dead!
This 24/7 space-time is not a programming. It is based on autonomy, the capacity of 50 people to create from scratch, to ensure technical or domestic needs, individually and collectively.

@ Saint-Pierre

26310 Beaumont-en-diois, France