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Open call for the symposium : Cybioses – life in the future imperfect

Between 2 and 5 March 2023 Constant will collaborate with JV 24 and SpecXcraft on a winter symposium about "slow futures" called Cybioses – life in the future imperfect.

The full open call can be read here:

An excerpt:

We invite scholars, artists, students, technologists and other professionals working or writing on future technologies to take part in our Cybioses study circle which is part of the Nordic Summer University, a migratory non-hierarchical group of international researchers.

The winter symposium on "slow futures" will be the first session of a three year symposium series. In this iteration Cybioses want to look into the impact of "slow futures" figurations in science, technology, media and art. Bringing the potential of such "slow futures" to the foreground undermines the premise that speed is characteristic of technological change and that constant social pressure underpins technological disruption, economic growth, and an ability to be detached from its impact on material worlds of great complexity. Therefore, Cybioses welcome both critiques of such "linearity" and affirmation of the value of "slow futures", their imagination and practice. We hope this topic will continue, deepen and re-new our collaborations with artists, hackers, designers, technologists, theorists and more. We are open to various formats of presentation, creative contributions and experimental forms of sharing knowledge. 
Deadline for abstracts: Friday the 23th of January, 2023

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