Networks with an attitude: Stories 01

Stories and reports on what has been happening in the first part of the worksession entitled ’The internet is dead’ and two presentations

De-google/de-gafam your organisation/digital life

Agnez Bewer will talk about several initatives which emphasize providing services like mail, federated communication platforms, webhosting, cloudstructures and a lot more with care for privacy, data portability and transparency. All projects use Free Libre Open Source Software. Some structures are more geared towards the professional user, others are axed on personal use. De-Gafam* your organisation/digital life. - - -
*Gafam = Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon,Microsoft

Standards and Human Rights

Niels ten Oever will talk about his PHDresearch at the University Of Amsterdam on notions of public interest in internet infrastructure governance and standardization. As part of that work he contributed to RFC8280 ( aiming to standardize Human Rights considerations in internet protocol governance.

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