Project: Samedies

Mz Balthazar’s Laboratory in Brussels

Mz. Baltazar’s Laboratory is a feminist hackerspace and an artist collective based in Vienna. They work with open source technology and philosophy, in a women only space, operating a non-­" hierachic teaching and informal learning context. The lab offers women space to appropriate electronics and realize interactive art projects.
In a three days workshop they will hack hardware, make noise, build angst-­" robots and program open source software. A lot of "stupid" tech questions will be asked as well as art projects will be developed together. No one is an expert, no one is only student, equipment and knowledge are shared in order to articulate yourselves through high tech in novel ways.

About the workshop: Electronics & ArduinA introduction

This workshop aims to introduce the basics of electronics, focusing on what is essential for exploiting the open source Arduino platform, and therefore, to build things using different kinds of in and out-puts. We propose a relaxed approach in which questioning is part of the process, and we aim to provide a pleasant environment for exploring, playing with the tools and above all having fun!

The workshop is only for persons who call themselves women or trans. If you love to make things, rather than consuming them, join us!


Playing with electronic components and building circuits./ Soldering & wiring up. Working with Arduino & understanding code basics./ Playing with sensors./ Building an interactive device/ art piece.

With: Mz Baltazar’s Laboratory, with Lale Rodgarkia-Dara (AT) & Patricia Reis (PT)

To enroll, contact wendy atttt constantvzw . org

This workshop is part of the Ruelles project and is supported by Constant as a Samedies event.

@ Pianofabriek

Rue du Fortstraat 35, 1060 Brussel / Bruxelles

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