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Constant was founded in 1997 with the goal to:

(..) encourage audiovisual media (film, video, media, electronic arts, software) and support them (through production, exhibition, publication, research, financially, in-kind) in the broadest possible framework. We cherish an ethical approach and respect for cultural differences and gender. We focus on various groups or individuals (artists, public institutions, including schools, colleges and universities, theorists, media institutions, creative industries). The list of audiovisual arts, target groups as well as the different ways of support and stimulation is not exhaustive.

(Statutes of the association, 1997)

Over the years, the field of interest of the association expanded into Free Software, feminisms, gender, copyright alternatives, science-fiction and networked artistic work. Constant developed projects in the fields of visual arts, radio, music, design, urbanism, the web, using mainly digital media. For Constant, it continues to be important to make connections between feminisms, Free Software and Copyleft approaches. Together they allow us to re-imagine networks, infrastructures, algorithms, data processing, and principles of authorship.

Today, Constant is an association run by artists, designers, researchers and hackers. They work together to create collaborative situations that engage with the challenges of contemporary techno-life. Constant operates in Dutch, French and English and is active in Brussels as well as in an international context.

The development of artistic practices is at the core of Constant. It means generating new shareable content, different perspectives and ways of working in collaborations between artists and designers. Constant creates research-oriented situations around themes that are relevant for practitioners who are interested in critical relationships with contemporary technology. This development takes place on different levels:

  • Together with individual artists we develop an understanding of computing, Free, Libre and Open Source software, networks and technical infrastructures. The artistic experiments at the basis of our program allow for study, practice and proximate critique of technology.
  • Participants contribute to collective knowledge by sharing their experiences and skills with each other in group situations. Personal networks are created around common fields of experience. This allows for lasting relationships that promote long-term exchange.
  • Constant contributes to the development of the digital art field. We develop new Free, Libre and Open Source tools and infrastructures (active archives, feminist infrastructures, collective writing environments, experimental publishing platforms). We foster collective initiatives and emerging structures. We share our work and experiences through cross-disciplinary collaborations (media labs, cultural organisations, educational institutions, academic research, artist collectives, activist initiatives, governments, civil society organizations). Our presentations, publications and production are research-oriented: they are experimental and investigative in content, form and means of production.