Maybe they know everything

The city counts less trees than humans. Maybe that is the reason why inhabitants cultivate such strong relationships with the trees that are there. During this walk storyteller and nature guide An Mertens invites you to meet some remarkable trees in the neighbourhood Bosnia in St-Gilles.

You will learn who they are, what rights and duties they have, and also, what stories they’ve witnessed. Some of these stories have arrived thanks to whispering neighbours, some date back from a past city that only the trees can remember, and some will inspire us to project on a future city we might not get to know anymore, but some of the trees will definitely do.

Departure: Saturday at 11h (FR) and at 15h (NL) from café/brasserie Picos de Europa, rue de Servie/Serviëstraat 68, 1060 St-Gilles

Language: FR/NL

Duration: +/- 90 min

Thanks for registering before 20th March 2016 with

@ Picos de Europa

rue de Servie/Serviëstraat 68, 1060 St-Gilles