Machine Research: Conversations

Public discussion with presentations by: Geoff Cox, Christian Ulrik Andersen, SÁ¸ren Pold: Machine Research; Sarah Garcin: Publication-Jockey; Kristoffer Gansing, Daphne Dragona: transmediale 2017; An Mertens, Femke Snelting: Constant.

If you want to join us for a vegetarian buffet afterwards (12 euro pp), please e-mail before Friday 21 October.


From 24-26 October, Constant hosts the research/Phd workshop Machine Research in collaboration with the Participatory IT Research Centre, Aarhus University and Transmediale art & digital culture, Berlin.

The workshop aims to engage research and artistic practice that takes into account the new materialist conditions implied by nonhuman techno-ecologies including new ontologies of learning and intelligence (such as algorithmic learning), socio-economic organisation (such as blockchain), population management and tracking (such as datafied borders), autonomous or semi-autonomous systems (such as bots or drones) and other post-anthropocentric reconsiderations of agency, materiality and autonomy.

This three day workshop will generate various on-line and off-line publications. The evening programs on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 October are open to the public.

More information:

Download the final publication, launched at Transmediale 2017:

@ Le Space, Sleutelstraat 26, Brussels