Project: Algolit

Machine Learning tools for Literary Creation

Gijs de Heij and An Mertens, two members of the Algolit team organise a workshop in Mundaneum in Mons from 8 to 12 October 2018 (10-18h), in collaboration with the teachers of Digital Arts ARTS². The workshop is aimed to students of ARTS2, University of Mons and other schools, but can be joined by anyone who has an interest in the topic. We will look at the use of statistical machine learning models and archival materials for literary writing. The artists will propose existing tools and practices and Oulipian methodologies for the play of algoliterary writing games.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage on two levels:

* by working with the technical tools, this requires a base of programming, preferably in Python
* by working analogically and metaphorically using parts of the code as performing scores or ’recipes’

If you are happy to do so, participants in the workshop will be able to continue developing their works after the workshop week, and participate in the exhibition that Algolit will hold at the Mundaneum in March 2019. All works and code will be published under Free Art & GPL License. The workshop will be conducted mainly in English, with French translations in summary form.

Places are limited. If you want to participate, please register by sending an email to

More information:
With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles/Arts Numériques, Arts², Mundaneum.

@ Mundaneum

76 rue de Nimy, 7000 Mons