MARCH, Publishing as protocol + call for contributions

MARCH is a journal of art & strategy that embraces publishing as an act of protest to address the critical social and political issues of our time.

MARCH launches their first long term inquiry, Publishing As Protocol, which aims to explore the relationship between self-organizational models and technological sovereignty.

Publishing As Protocol is organized by MARCH: a journal of art & strategy in partnership with Constant, a non-profit, artist-run organisation based in Brussels since 1997 and active in the fields of art, media and technology; and Vessel, a nomadic curatorial organisation and agency invested in supporting artistic and curatorial practices that are situated, responsive and research-led. Specifically, Constant and Vessel will publish a series of articles in Spring 2022 reflecting on their own organizational histories which exemplify the potential of collective digital artistic practices and socially-engaged institutions.

Publishing As Protocol complicates the dual implications of the word ‘protocol’ by purposefully conflating its meanings 1) as the ​accepted or established code of procedure or behaviour in any group, organization, or situation, and 2) as a set of rules governing the exchange or transmission of data between computing devices; in order to consider both definitions equally as protocol that can be not only read and activated, but also written and rewritten.

We invite proposals for new or unpublished essays of approximately 2,500 words to be considered for Publishing As Protocol. You are welcome to send pitches and/or drafts (including experimental writing and adaptive new forms) and writing inquiries (please include two writing/work samples) to: