Project: Algolit

Linear Regression

Linear Regression is one of the most well known and well understood algorithms in statistics and machine learning. It has been around for almost 200 years. It is an attractive model because the representation is so simple.

During this session we first look at its history, its application in correlating events, as well as how this classifier can be used in Python. Next, we will use this technique as a recipe for potential literary creation - that can be physical, computational or analogical.

Algolit is a workgroup around FLOSS literature and code, they organise regular meetings following the Oulipo principle. There is no need for programming knowledge, but if you have it, you’re of course very welcome as well. The process will be documented during the day.

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WTC, Tower 1, 25th floor, Bd Albert II/Kon Albert II laan 30-32, 1000 Brussels