Library encounters of the third kind: BBBr̶u̶s̶s̶e̶l̶s̶ Edition

This event is dedicated to different projects that reflect on the practices of digital catalogs, classification systems and other forms of systematic organization of knowledge. It will make a moment, in the form of an informal conversation, to consider together the less visible but fundamental aspects of libraries and librarian practice.

The event will be held online on Constant’s BigBlueButton instance, to join please send an email to

The Rietveld and Sandberg Library is throughout the year the site of experiments and reflections on the social and technical aspects of libraries, catalogs and classification systems, with a special emphasis on the particularity of its own context within an educational institution for the arts.
Different collaborations and projects investigating the less visible but fundamental aspects of libraries and librarian practice have departed from or found their way into the library; others haven’t yet found an occasion to cross paths.

As the current conditions prevent these much needed exchanges, Infrastructural Manoeuvres organizes an online encounter, both to create a moment of discussion with interlocutors that share some of the questions and interests, and to make a public relay of the ongoing work and conversations taking place in and around the library.

With reverberations (textual, aural, past and present) by: I.M.*, Lizzy van Italie**, Eva Weinmayr, Will Holder, Lieven Lahaye, Sarah Magnan, Monday readers, Unbound Libraries participants.

* The Infrastructural Manoeuvres project has been creating space for conversations on software, hardware and peopleware choices, in the form of meetings and workshops, which have directly informed the ongoing work on the library’s catalog system, its infrastructure and its website in-the-making (read more about the project at .

** Lizzy van Italie has been researching the physicalities of libraries, bookshelves and classification standards through metaphors of orientation and navigation, placing into dialog her artistic practice with her experience as library clerk and as sailor.

This event is supported by the cultural activities grant from the Flemish Community
Image: Lizzy van Italie

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