Project: LabtoLab

LabtoLab Nantes: Digital Cultures Laboratory

LABtoLAB is a European network of media labs that aims to create a
platform for:
- sharing experiences and ways of doing;
- studying specific cases;
- exploring the role of the lab in offering spaces for collaborative
learning and knowledge exchange;
- examining the possibilities of life-long learning in the context of the lab.

From 2009 to 2011, meetings, workshops and seminars took place in
Budapest, Madrid, Brussels and Nantes. Each encounter opened up to a wider
community of labs and individuals, and extended beyond European borders.

From 8-10 JUNE 2011 the last meeting in the series takes place in Ping,

LABtoLAB project is supported by the Grundtvig’s Life Long Learning Program:

@ PiNG

38 rue du Breil – 44100 Nantes - France