Project: Iterations

Iterations : Handover Residency

Iterations researches the conditions of artistic collaboration in a digital context. Conviviality, togetherness, institutions, transitory operating systems, documents as performance and other notions will be investigated by six artists who are invited to think, exchange and experiment together in the spaces of Bozar Lab, Brussels.

With: Luis Rodil-Fernández, Maxime Fuhrer, Géraldine Juarez, Martin Rumori, Mia Melvaer, Rosa Llop.

The residency is not open for public.

This residency is in preparation of the series of Iterations activities that will take place in autumn 2019 in Bozar.

  • 7 november: Conference
  • 8 - 24 november: Iterations Exhibition
  • 9 - 16 november: Iterations Worksession

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