Project: Iterations

Iterations #4: Collaboration | Contamination > NOI

For the fourth Iterations Media art laboratory esc invited Nayari Castillo, Antonia Manhartsberger, Norbert Math, Mia Melvær, Constanza Mendoza, Ulla Rauter, Martin Rumori to make a collective work to be exhibited in the esc gallery.

The esc medien kunst labor was transformed into a spatial laboratory where ideas around Collaboration and Contamination filled the room. As a result, a temporary installation came to place: real dirt (soil) filled half of the room giving substrate to seeds and plants to grow — a metaphor to constant transformation. Under the bed of earth, sensors (movement and seismic) told about the behaviour of the visitor. The sounds and noises produced by the meandering were incorporated into a six channels sound composition that mixed the new information in an aleatory way with a database. A moving coconut net filled with microphones and hanging over the centre of the space incorporated sounds of its internal contortions to the composition. The atmospheric development was completed by 5 speakers singing a whispering choir.

Subverting the power relations and constructing a new conglomerate within an action, the individual names of the artists disappeared, leaving behind just some vowels that formulate a new compound: Common Ground.

The exhibition run from 04/05/2019 until 18/06/2019, with an opening on 04/05.

After that, the exhibition was reiterated and re-worked, taking a new shape. NOI or Network of Iterations attempted to give sense through an immersive installation to the entire process of Iterations. This new version was shown until 23 August 2019. A parallel program of lectures, talks and presentations run through the hole exhibition period.

@ esc medien kunst labor

Bürgergasse 5,
8010 Graz, Austria