It’s not me, it’s the algorithm

Presentation and discussion with Peggy Pierrot

Algorithmic society, algorithmic bias, algorithmic capitalism, algorithmic governance... words associated with adjectives derived from algorithm are appearing in all areas of our lives in the digitised societies that we live in. We speak of banking algorithms, predictive algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligences that learn through mysterious calculations... It is also easy to hide behind this enigmatic mathematical expression: it’s not me, it’s the algorithm! It’s the program! We have all heard these or similar phrases, particularly in exchanges with administrations or companies.

But what is an algorithm? How can we say that we are evolving in an algorithmic society?

During this meeting, we will try to understand what algorithms are, why some of them pose problems for us, raise profound ethical, economic, political and social questions and affect all aspects of our lives and bodies.

DK Workshops

Every 2nd Monday of the month, the critical thinking workshops on the digital at DK, propose to address topics related to the digital (e.g. algorithms, surveillance capitalism, ecological impacts, etc.) and to explore alternative ways of doing things (discovery of free and ethical tools, ungluing of smartphones, protection of communications, etc.)

These evenings will take place in two parts: a first part of informal and friendly meeting, where everyone is invited to bring their questions, ideas, projects; followed by a more structured part, which may take the form of a thematic presentation followed by a discussion, or a practical workshop.

This series of workshops is organised by our partner Tactic. Do not hesitate to send us your proposals to:

Image: Fabrice Jazbinsek (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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