Belgian Homeless cup

Belgian Homeless Cup is a sports tournement for homeless people and asylum seekers. During this year’s edition, an all female football team will design new figurines on a kicker table. Homeless, non-idealised, non standard, women, men, trans, queer. By playing together, by producing new models for the figurines they address representation of gender in sports.

The re-gendered kicker table that will be resulting from the workshop is shown in the Beursschouwburg during the opening of the worldcup football in Brasil on the 12th of June.

Visiting this workshop is for free, if you want to participate, please register through the website:

This workshop is part of kick%sync%trans a project by Zeljko Blace.

In collaboration with:
Rainbowhouse, L-festival, Belgian Homeless Cup, Beursschouwburg


@ Slachthuizen / Abbatoirs

Rue d’Aalststraat 7-11
Brussels / Bruxelles

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