Feral Licensing, Cinema Sauvage

During the Cinema Sauvage film festival, Constant organises a brainstorm / writing session to create copyleft licenses, made especially for Wild Movies !

Many artists, writers, filmmakers, software coders and other authors are supportive of the reuse and remixing of their work. For them, Free Culture licenses such as the GPL, Creative Commons and the Free Arts License have been solving the limitations imposed by conventional copyright law for the past twenty years.

But even these licenses often regard the author’s right as an economic right of ownership, based on the originality of the individual author. For commercial use or not? For many authors, this is not really the most important criterion.

During this brainstorm and writing afternoon we will explain the principles of Free Culture and then formulate our own Wild licenses. The starting point is not the law, but the desires, the starting points and the politics of the participating makers. Why share a film with whom and for what purpose?

Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages
takes place from 11 to 15 september, 2019

More info: http://www.festival-cinemas-sauvages.net/en/

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