Project: Algolit

Why I read

Algolit members Gijs de Heij and An Mertens will organise a workshop on ’Futures for Experimental Literature’ and algorithmic storytellers in the framework of the studyday ’Daarom lees ik’ (’Why I read’) organised by UGent.

In the morning there will be a lecture and panel discussion about classical and digital fiction with i-literature pioneer Nick Montfort (MIT), and the researchers of UGent Culture & Education, Geert Vandermeersche and Kris Rutten. Nick Montfort will also assist the Algolit workshop.
In the afternoon, a series of workshops explore the futures of reading. Both the lecture and the workshop will be in English.

You can register for the morning session (free) or for the entire day (€30, with lunch and reception). The morning session will take place in Minard, the afternoonsessions (with max. 20 participants/session) in De Krook .

@ De Krook

Miriam Makebaplein 1, 9000 Gent