Copper Infused with Blessing hands-on workshop: Exploring Technodisobedience and Soothing Bowls

The Fear Healing Bowls are part of the arts of protection in Islamic tradition, practiced in different cultures across time. Through many layers such as written prayers, ornamental elements representing beauty and locality, symbols of Divinity, craft knowledge(s), water and sound: this bowl is seen as a medicinal ritualistic tradition of soothing.

Growing up in Deir-Ezzour, I remember my grandmother would offer the bowl filled with blessed water to someone experiencing fear or anxiety, reciting verses of the Quran with the intention to calm and sooth.

The workshop will be a one day event exploring the theme of Techno-disobedience through acts of soothing and protection as gestures of resistance. In the company of the artist Joud Toamah, we’ll explore the possibly various traditions through the medium of healing bowls. We’ll invite participants to take the healing bowls as a point of departure for activating collective rituals and embodied knowledge(s) through engraving, carving, sewing.

Joud’s intention is to remember, honor and share this soothing practice to open up a discussion to different soothing languages that could be expressed, remembered and honored through the bowls.

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This workshop is organized in collaboration with GC Pianofabriek.

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