Project: About


Current Board

- Rafaella Houlstan-Hasaerts (Brussels * es/fr/en)
Architect and researcher, Espèces Urbain / Centre des Laboratoires Associés pour la Recherche en Architecture, ULB
- Laurence Claeys (Brussels * nl/fr/en)
Manager Sensolus, ex-researcher and lecturer, Department of Communication Science, iMinds/SMIT/VUB
- Valérie Cordy (Hainaut * fr/en)
Multimedia artist and director of the Fabrique de Théâtre, the Performing Arts Service of the Province of Hainaut
- Sévérine Dusollier (Brussels * fr/en/nl)
Intellectual property lawyer, researcher at SciencesPo, École de droit (Paris, FR)
- Pieter-Paul Mortier (Gent * nl/en/it)
Coordinator of the Courtisane festival

Here you can find an overview of the board members since 2004.


- Michel Cleempoel (Nantes * fr/en)
Media artist ans ex-professor at School of Digital Art ART2, Mons
- Pierre De Jaeger (Brussels * fr/en)
Script writer and coordinator at Radio Panik 105.4FM
- Françoise Deville (Brussels * fr/en)
Coordinator Renovas, initiates regional and local initiatives on urban revitalization.
- Denis Devos (Brussels * fr)
IT expert and free software activist through two non-profit organisations, Domainepublic and Tactic
- Seda Guerses (Brussels * en/fr/tr)
Researcher Privacy & Identity at UT Delft
- Harrisson (Brussels * fr/en)
Graphic designer and teacher at Erg, École supérieure des arts et de recherche graphique
- Liesbeth Huybrechts (Hasselt * nl/en)
Lead researcher Inter-action and lecturer Media, Arts and Design Faculty of LUCA School of Arts in Genk University
- Pierre Huyghebaert (Brussels * fr/en)
Graphic designer, cartographer and teacher at La Cambre (ENSAV)
- Just for the record (Brussels * fr/en/no)
Collective questioning gender representation in new media and writing/knowledge sharing tools such as Wikipedia
- Catherine Lenoble (Tour * fr/en)
Writer and editor
- Nicolas Malevé (Brussels * fr/en/es)
Visual artist, computer programmer and data activist
- An Mertens (Brussels * nl/fr/en/es)
Nature guide and storyteller
- Martino Morandi (Brussels * en/it)
Programmer, graphic designer and philosopher
- Élodie Mugrefya (Brussels * nl/fr/en)
Artistic researcher
- Michael Murtaugh (Brussels * en/nl/fr)
Computer programmer and coordinator of the Master Media Design and Communication programme at the Institute for Experimental Publishing in Rotterdam
- Yves Poliart (Brussels * fr/en)
Radio maker and music expert
- Peggy Pierrot (Brussels * fr/en)
Artist involved in projects linking information, media, activism, radio art, and technology
- Kris Rutten (Gent * nl/en/fr)
Lecturer and Professor, Department of Educational Studies, University of Gent
- Femke Snelting (Brussels * nl/fr/en)
Artist & designer
- Wendy Van Wynsberghe (Brussels * nl/fr/en)
DIY and digital artist
- Peter Westenberg (Brussels * nl/fr/en/de)
Visual artist, film- and video-maker and teacher at KASK -School of ART in Gent