Project: About


Current Board

- Sévérine Dusollier (Brussels * fr/en/nl)
Intellectual property lawyer, researcher at SciencesPo, École de droit (Paris, FR)
- Valérie Cordy (Brussels/Hainaut * fr/en)
Multimedia artist and director of the Fabrique de Théâtre, the Performing Arts Service of the Province of Hainaut
- Rafaella Houlstan-Hasaerts (Brussels * es/fr/en)
Architect and researcher, Espèces Urbain / Centre des Laboratoires Associés pour la Recherche en Architecture, ULB
- Pieter-Paul Mortier (Gent * nl/en/it)
Coordinator for the Courtisane festival
- Jacques Zenner (Gent * nl/fr)

Here you can find an overview of the board members since 2004.


- Laurence Claeys (Brussels * nl/fr/en)
Senior researcher and lecturer, Department of Communication Science, iMinds/SMIT/VUB
- Michel Cleempoel (Brussels * fr/en)
Professor, School of Digital Art ART2, Mons
- Pierre De Jaeger (Brussels * fr/en)
Script writer and coordinator at Radio Panik 105.4FM
- Françoise Deville (Brussels * fr/en)
Coordinator Renovas, initiates regional and local initiatives on urban revitalization.
- Seda Guerses (Brussels * en/fr/tr)
Researcher Privacy & Identity at Princeton University / KU Leuven
- Harrisson (Brussels * fr/en)
Graphic designer and teacher at Erg, École supérieure des arts et de recherche graphique
- Liesbeth Huybrechts (Hasselt * nl/en)
Lead researcher Inter-action and lecturer Media, Arts and Design Faculty of LUCA School of Arts in Genk University
- Pierre Huyghebaert (Brussels * fr/en)
Graphic designer, cartographer and teacher at La Cambre (ENSAV)
- Just for the record (Brussels * fr/en/no)
Collective working on Gender representation and the re·writing of history
- Catherine Lenoble (Brussels * fr/en)
Writer and editor
- Nicolas Malevé (Brussels * fr/en/es)
Visual artist, computer programmer and data activist
- Martino Morandi (Brussels * en/it)
Programmer & philosopher at the border between politics, technology and art
- Yves Poliart (Brussels * fr/en)
Coordinator Open Sound Lab, music expert
- Peggy Pierrot (Brussels * fr/en)
Is involved in projects linking information, media, activism, radio art, and technology
- Kris Rutten (Gent * nl/en/fr)
Lecturer and Doctor-assistent, Department of Educational Studies, University of Gent
- Laurence Rassel (Brussels * fr/en/es)
Director of Erg, École supérieure des arts et recherche graphique
- Femke Snelting (Brussels * nl/fr/en)
Artist & designer


- An Mertens (Brussels * nl/fr/en/es)
An Mertens works as an artist, writer and storyteller. With the project Adashboard (for fiction) she looked into narratives that are non-linear and ubiquitous thanks to their net-native character. In 2009 An put in place the performance group Colapsekode n order to experiment with modes of collaborative authorship, including the motion tracking software objsrcs as an equal partner. In September 2013 her experimental novel Tot Later was launchedwith the publishing house De Bezige Bijs Antwerpen. Since 2016 An explores the narrative perspective of self learning algorithms within her own personal research and Algolit, a workgroup on how algorithms and code transform (literary) creation that lead to digital an print-publications, installations, walks, performances. An reports about her own work on, the name being a declaration of love for parameters and Oulipian practices.

- Denis Devos (Brussels * fr)
IT expert and dynamic player in the free software community through two structures, and the non-profit organisation Tactic.

- Élodie Mugrefya (Brussels * nl/fr/en)
Élodie Mugrefya is co-responsible for artistic research & project development at Constant. She is interested in the conditions into which various forms of knowledge are being disseminated, maintained, modified or suppressed, and how these mechanisms intersect with systems and patterns of oppression.

- Mia Melvaer (Brussels * no/en/nl)
Mia Melvær is a Norwegian visual artist based between Brussels and Norway. Her practice of sculpture and painting explores the crossroads between technology, materiality and ways of recording. With a special interest in collective constellations, queer and feminist archives and their intersections with cyberspace, her work is essentially one that oscillates between hands-on sculptural production and assembling scraps from archival deep-dives to create narrative patchworks.

- Michael Murtaugh (Brussels * en/nl/fr)
Michael Murtaugh is a computer programmer based in Brussels. Currently he teaches in the Master Media Design and Communication programme at the Institute for Experimental Publishing in Rotterdam. Moreover, Murtaugh is the founder of, a new media design firm specialised in community databases, interactive documentary, and tools for new forms of reading and writing online.

- Peter Westenberg (Brussels * nl/fr/en/de)
Peter Westenberg is visual artist and film- and video-maker.The website collects works realised after 1998 that range from printed matter to films and interactive media and show an interest in visual exploration, social myths, psycho-geography, media representation and sentimental journeys. His projects evolve from an interest in social cartography, urban anomalies and the relationships between locative identity and cultural geography. He interrogates notions of public space, community and social place through collages, video and shared authorship projects. The projects Parlez-Vous Saint-Gillois? and La Langue Schaerbeekoise are participatory audio projects, databases, urban interventions, walks and broadcasts around cross cultural, assembled, deformed and invented words that are spoken in multi-lingual neighborhoods in Brussels. In 2015 he initiates the European project Iterations that explores he future of artistic collaboration in digitally networked contexts.

- Wendy Van Wynsberghe (Brussels * nl/fr/en)
Wendy Van Wynsberghe is a DIY and digital artist, sound & field recorder, in love with nature and its wildlife, fascinated by the protocol in all its forms, including inter-human and non-human relations, script coder, physical computing aficionado, net neutrality custodian, dabbling in embroidery, crochet & knitting (with or without eTextiles). Since 2004 she was involved in the project Ellentriek that organized a series of open hardware workshops where artists worked together on their projects, mostly thematic. From 2015 to 2016 she organised Objects in common, a series of events that explored "other ways of doing" such as design for functional diversity, situated digital manufacturing in for example African cities. She works with electronics, textile, sounds, open hardware, using only free software, all work under a free art license.


- Donatella Portoghese (Brussels * it/nl/fr/en)
Graduated in cultural management with a specialization in museology, Donatella Portoghese has been working for several public and private organisations such as Argos centre for audiovisual arts, Artiscope art gallery, Brussels Biennial of contemporary art, - curating and producing contemporary art exhibitions and festivals with a focus on audiovisual art and multimedia installations. She followed extra training courses on the management of non-profit organisations and the search for subsidies in the socio-cultural field.