Constant in Teaching the Radical Catalogue: A syllabus

Constant was invited to participate to the project Teaching the Radical Catalogue: A syllabus.
The initiators of the project Eva Weinmayr and Lucie Kolb aim at developing a syllabus for the study of cultures of searching and finding in libraries of the global North.

Femke Snelting and Elodie Mugrefya discussed ways to acknowledge the different intersecting axes of oppression in daily practice and use of technology and the web of relations around the technological tools when it comes to the mutual relationships between “service”, “server”, “served”.

Martino Morandi and Anita Burato discussed their work around library cataloging (Infrastructural Manoeuvres) and practices of making readable technical and social choices, destabilising fixed categories, and questioning authority, responsibility and accountability in the representation of knowledge in the catalogue.