Constant @ Making Matters

Contribution to the symposium Making Matters organised by the Critical Making consortium:

"Constant is committed to collaborative situations that generate proximate critiques of and through techno-praxis. Twice a year the association initiates a temporary research lab to which participants from all over the world are invited to contribute. The Techno-Galactic Software Observatory and Networks With an Attitude were two such intense working environments where artists, activists, theorists and software developers gathered to think-and-make together. The sessions put trans*feminist methods and Free, Libre and Open Source software to work in order to develop various forms of undisciplined research of and with digital technology. In this way Constant worksessions interrogate existing practice and make experiments in how they might be otherwise. What forms of critical making, for who and with whom can we imagine that stay with the trouble of computation and informatics?"

@ West Den Haag

Lange Voorhout 102, The Hague (NL)