Collective co-positioning

Digital lay-outing tools are path dependent in their way of mimicking the past processes of 600 years of moveable type (and maybe even beyond). Often practice proceeds without extensive critical reflection by practitioners themselves. Practice is spoken of in a ’living language’ that addresses day-to-day actions and gestures. To re-dream lay-out practice from scratch, we start with developing a vocabulary of lay-out in order to better understand relations between workflow, material and medium.

For this workshop we ask participants to bring a ’spatial arrangement of texts and other graphical elements’ that they have made or would have liked to have made. These posters, lay-outs, designs can be completely trivial, unfinished or imaginary. We’ll work together to analyse these arrangements and their spatial relationships very precisely, and find as broad criteria as possible to describe them. This operation will be the start of a methodology of classification and will create the missing vocabulary needed to build the first phase of the Co-position project.

Collective co-positioning is led by John Haltiwanger, Pierre Huyghebaert, Ana Carvalho and Ricardo Lafuente.

The worksession is part of The Tools Series, a series of Baltan Sessions that examines the complex and changing relationships artists and designers have with the technologies and tools they develop, modify or use to create.

@ The Studio of the Van Abbemuseum

Van Abbemuseum, Bilderdijklaan 10, Eindhoven (NL)