Project: Sponge

Warp & Weft Summercollection 2019

A summery collection of on-line pages. Warps invite you to navigate to and through documentation, media and notes. Wefts are thematic constellations that establish relationships between different projects in the Constant Galaxy.

The wefts and warps introduce a specific way of writing, indexing and creating collections. They make use of etherpads (pages for on-line collaborative editing) to connect heterogeneous elements in the Constant galaxy. In parallel, we are activating our archive, developing new ways to access the many sounds, videos and images hosted on the Constant servers. The ongoing revision of Constant’s website is a collaboration between Denis Devos, Martino Morandi, Michael Murtaugh and Femke Snelting together with the rest of the Constant team.

Editorial contributions to this Summer Collection: Livia Cahn, Jara Rocha, Ruby van de Watering and Gönbike Erdemir.