Collaborative Online Video

A workshop Open Source Video exploring collaborative practices and tools.

Remixes, re-using imagery, recycling visuals and reworking the same source material is an exciting artistic field which gained momentum with the rise of the internet. Audio visual material that is free of author rights, films, clips and rushes published under open content licenses, offer the possibility of creating different types of audio visual productions, video databases, live streaming events, internet tv channels and collective documentaries.

The Open Source Video workgroup ( organise this workshop because we are enthousiastic about the possibilities the web offers for video collectives, artistic, journalistic and cultural organisations working together in remote locations using vlogs, internet tv, videofeeds, video-archives to give new impulses to their collaborative practices. The workshop attempts to give models of open source workflows; how video can be shared through the internet, contributing to a healthy ecology of knowledge exchange.

Guests among others: EngageMedia, Miro, V2V, Pirate Cinema Berlin,, Oxdb,, Bitnik.

More info, registration, and full program:

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