Care as solidarity

Constant activates a research trajectory on Care as solidarity with DeBuren, Het TheaterFestival and KVS. Recent and not-so-recent societal events and configurations urge us to understand the implications of care and its means of formation across various dynamic networks. Questioning, doing and reflecting will define the different modes of action shaping the trajectory Care as solidarity.

In that sense, associations and individuals engaging in specialized and diverse community work, Esma Alouet, Zina Platform and Globe Aroma, were approached so to find ways to share, support, organize the multifarious needs for/in care. These sessions will not be open to the public as they will be an opportunity for community workers and their own audience to strategize together and expand their forces. The trajectory will be open to the general public on the 10th of September with a lecture by Olave Nduwanje (lawyer, activist and politician) on solidarity in care and a workshop given by Anya Topolski (associate professor of Political Philosophy and Political Theory at the Radboud University Nijmegen) on how to act with solidarity as ally/accomplice?"

The public moment will be livestreamed on platforms which-are-mentionned-enough-already but Constant will make the video available through its archive afterwards.