Project: Towards



Busboîtescartesmaps is an event in the framework of the Towards project that combines subjective representations of the Brussels’ terrain which the development of a software for subjective cartography. Also inspired by the experiences springing from the Routes + Routines series of explorative performative walks, that take us to unexpected corners of the Brussels region.

Post boxes are a familiar repetitive phenomenon in the urban landscape. Even when postoffices become privatized and disappear, these boxes remain firmly planted in the urban soil. Busboîtescartesmaps invites us to validate these entities as more than just utilitarian tools. Drifting from one box to another, the walks propose to climb them, to explore their musical qualities, to listen to the stories that echo from their interiors.
Among other things the walks contribute to a collective mapping in which the trace of one walk echoes the existence of other walks. You can participate in the walks starting from Recyclart, where also the communal map can be consulted, and also the Atlas of subjective and collaborative maps of Brussels.

Your guides :

Peter Westenberg is visual artist, videomaker and member of Constant. He works onsocial cartographies, urban anomalies and complexity of identity and geography.

Christina Clar and Natasha Roublov are artists based in Brussels, moving between performance, events, installations and urban interventions focussing on the meeting points between sound, visuals and architecture.

Lottie Child is a British artist who produces Street Training Manuals for playful/antisocial engagement with urban places exchanging expertise and knowledge on the notions of safety and joy in increasingly sanitized and controlled urban places. Research is wandering, talking, thinking; and intervention might include climbing, penetrating, playing with, nurturing, and/or pissing on encountered boundaries - physical, mental and social. "In Brussels I will engage with interested people to create a StreetTraining circuit featuring the joyful behaviour Belgian street users employ and those we innovate together during an initial session."

Busboîtescartesmaps is a project of Constant in collaboration with
Recyclart and Speculoos, Jeugd en Stad, Yota! and Beam. Also with the participation of Rafaella Houlstan-Hasaerts.

Hours of the walks
Two walks per day, with a maximum of 10 participants per walk on 4, 5 and 6 november.

Departures at 14:00 and 17:00, starting point Recyclart

The collaborative maps of l’Atlas & Yota! are on show from 14:00 to 18:00 at Recyclart

More information on the project:

@ Recyclart, Ursulinestraat 25, 1000, Brussels