Books with an attitude @ FLAT

At the FLAT Art Book Fair of Torino, Femke will present Books With an Attitude.

According to Constant, books deserve the hallmark "with an Attitude" when they are made with Free, Libre and Open Source Software and published under an open content license. The books and their ingredients are free to be read, redesigned, redistributed, recompiled and reprinted. Over more than ten years, Constant collaborated with designers and collectives to experiment with the interrelation between aesthetics, digital production and content. Their catalog now includes e-books, manuals, software-releases, workbooks, pamphlets, theory collections, literary works and a cookbook. Through bespoke publishing platforms, custom-made fonts and collaborative editing, these Books with an Attitude play each in a different way with the conditions for sharing.

La Centrale, Nuvola Lavazza, via Ancona 11/a, Turin